How to install & Use LeARn Demo

  • To download the app access this page on your mobile
  • Click the “Get it On Google Play Button button to install the LeARn Demo app from Google Play store
  • If you don’t have the “Uhibul Arabia: Book 2” then download the lesson pages by clicking “Sample Lessons” button and color print the pages
    Note: Print the book sample in color.
  • Open the app and press “Login” button
  • On the Profile screen you can press the “?” link on the top right of the screen to learn about the features
  • On the Profile screen, press “Start” to start your AR Experience
  • Now view the printed sample pages of the book through the camera on your device and have fun.
  • You can click on the “Instructions” link on the Login screen to view the instructions to use the app
  • Write to us at if you need any further help or have any feedback