An innovative teaching aid for Arabic coursebook

Curriculum-aligned Augmented Reality Content to aid in learning Arabic

  • Is your child having trouble understanding Arabic coursework in school?
  • Is your child studying Arabic in school but not really learning?
  • Do you think there is a need for more fun and interactive method for learning Arabic coursework?
  • Don’t you wish to have an app that keeps your kids engaged with learning?

Well, look no further, LeARn is the smart app to make learning Arabic coursework fun, joyful and engaging.

LeARn creates exciting and interactive experiences for the children in helping them learn the Arabic coursework “I love Arabic / Uhib-ul-Arabia / أحب العربية book series recommended by authorities in GCC countries for non-Arab children.

Revolutionizing Arabic coursebook Learning

LeARn revolutionizes everything about learning Arabic coursebook. Our app brings a whole different level of fun in experiential learning through Augmented Reality. LeARn will engage your kids throughout the lesson and makes learning fun and effortless.

LeARn breathe new life into the boring coursework, bringing extra creativity, interactivity and engagement to the subject by merging the physical world with digital 3D world. It empowers learning through augmented reality.

Imagine your kid’s book becomes magically alive where the content from their books becomes animated and interactive. Children can directly interact with animated characters and learn at the same time.

The app translates the Arabic text in English and kids can listen to Arabic and English to truly understand the meaning and purpose of the lessons.

Future Roadmap of the App:

Current version of the app covers all lessons of Book 2 of the Uhibbu al Arabiyya series. The future releases of the app will be release incrementally to include support for the Lessons from Book 1 and Book 3.

Some planned features are quizzes & exercises, situational dialogues and conversations to encourage students to engage in Arabic conversations with fellow students, parents and friends.

Note: Your purchase entitles you for the life-time support and future updates of our app.



  • Learn Arabic Course book “I love Arabic / أحب العربية” in a fun and exciting way
  • New Inspiring technology which enhances learning using real world 3D images of the course content
  • All the characters of any lesson in your book come to life as 3D animated objects. Let your child interact with the characters and learn through rich visual augmented reality full of the fun 3D environment.
  • Arabic and English text of all lessons in a story mode
  • Audio of Arabic and English for all lessons to help your child understand the course properly
  • Simply open the app, use the camera on your smartphone or tablet, and start learning Arabic in the most interactive way possible