Mixed Reality

Augmenting the LeARning Process

Combining the Powers of Augmented & Virtual Reality to Boost the Learning Process

AR Leap strives to offer the very best to the users by developing products based on the mixed reality that open countless doors of knowledge and reveal hidden secrets about different subjects.

Mixed reality has been made possible and popular after Microsoft’s HoloLens device. After that device, numerous applications have been developed to make full use of the device and experience the universe from a completely new perspective.

Mixed Reality Application Development Process

AR Leap normally follows a set pattern for Mixed Reality Application Development.
Our work procedure usually comprises of the following steps:

Working closely with the clients to identify the major challenges faced by them.
Based on the challenges identified, we come up with the best Mixed Reality use-cases.
Our team comprising of highly experienced designers, developers, and business strategists sit together to plan the systems.
Once the planning is complete, our engineers start the development process and this is where the real magic begins!
Design & UI
We understand the importance of design and friendly UI and this is the reason why we greatly value it in our work procedure.
Quality Assurance
Our relentless QA team ensures that bugs stay out of the applications.
Lastly, after performing a thorough quality assurance test, we deliver the projects on time keeping the clients happy.

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