Virtual Reality

Better training faster, safer and at less cost

I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.

The VR technology can enable more effective learning at a lower cost, in less time and can provide better outcome than traditional learning methods. Using VR users can safely experience rare and dangerous events. They can exercise complex scenarios many times to examine different outcomes.

Real Learning in a Virtual World

VR enables you to explore different subjects by experiencing them from a first person’s view. Through VR, a realistic understanding of the project, space, and existing geometry can be gained that goes a long way in clarifying the underlying concepts in an interactive manner. Using bespoke virtual reality production techniques, AR Leap is able to deliver immersive experiences through Magic Leap, HTC Vive, and Oculus along with VR motion controllers.

AR Leap Virtual Reality Services team strives to create fully customized VR productions for education, learning, training, and exploration of different subjects. We deliver the ultimate immersive virtual reality experience through amazing VR projects utilizing cutting edge technologies to take learning and self-training to a whole new level.

Virtual Reality for Learning

The ideology of AR Leap is to utilize the latest technologies in the best way possible and let the new generation learn from it to enhance their knowledge and experience the world from a very unique perspective. Not only does VR open new horizons of viewing a certain object but allows a great deal of learning that is not possible with other technologies.

The traditional methodology of producing images don’t give the exact sense of the message intended to be delivered. With VR, you are literally walking around the subject matter and gaining knowledge like actually experiencing the information.